Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Cyclic-bug preview

 This is art instillation commissioned by puma. As part of their green store on CMH road Bangalore, they have commissioned 8 artists to do art based on todays natural conditions.

Bicycles are the one of the most green inventions ever, no matter how long back it was invented. So we decided to work with old discarded bicycles.

The Cyclic-bug is movable (by pedailng). 
We have also been inspired by extensive use of bicycles in india. This sculpture is to celebrate the very idea of cycling.

Following are some pictures in progress and a small video preview.

 Our temporary workshop at Terrapin Station, a farm outside Bangalore.

A test run while in progress with some children at Akshaya school.

A video preview.

So now what we want to do is take it out and ride this bug around town(Bangalore) soon.
We want to see peoples reaction and how the traffic handles such a creature.
So watch this space if you want to ride around the city with us and celebrate cycling.

Nachiappan Ramanathan, Jumping Nagesha and me.

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